Dovado firmware 7.2

Senaste godiset är modem redundans. Nu kan du stoppa in ett sekundärt modem som agerar backup ifall första modemet tappar anslutning.

USB Modem Redundancy! That’s right, you can now insert a second USB modem as backup to the first one in case of failure with your current operator; or if you’re one of those frequent border-crossing road-warriors. This firmware update saves you a heap of money as such M2M-class routers tend to cost a pretty penny.

Sedan finner vi detta i påskägget.

In addition, we have also introduced a bunch of new capabilities for the GO/TINY/DOMA models, including SMS->SMS/E-MAIL Forwarding, Connection Tracker + VPN now working together, possibility to delete multiple SMS’s, disable PIN codes, resize Subnet Mask, oh and even PPPoE (Aussie crowd’s gonna love that, for sure!)!