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Tråd: i'm so sorry, but?

At the outset, I apologize for creating a post in this section. But I really need help with my DLINK DWR-923.

My posts are at this link:

I am so sorry but I have no choice.
It's hard to find information about the DWR-923.
Your forum has 95% of the information.
There is a person in this forum called "Micke"
Provided software for the router and the SIM card modem.

Unfortunately "Micke" has Last post: 2018-08-12 16:32:38

I sent PW, but I dont think he will read it.
I tried to write a email to him.
Unfortunately, the forum sends this information:

Sorry! The page could not be loaded.
Unable to send e-mail.
Please contact the forum administrator with the following
error message reported by the SMTP server: "535 5.7.8
Error: authentication failed: authentication failure"

Does anyone have software:
All the sources are dead.

Does anyone have higher firmware for DWR-923
than SW Version: for HW Version: A1

Has anyone managed to add / unlock features / bands?
For Qalcom OL1920 chip MDM9200 NOVATEL?

The original D-Link DWR 923 software sucks.
Has someone managed to improve something on this D-Link?

I saw that there is a higher version

Sorry, but All the sources are dead.

Would anyone be able to help me.
Send files?

I use this router outside of Norway and Sweden
One thing that creates a problem.
PING TIME OUT every few minutes.

I don't know if it's a missing Fordwarding port.
I can't set that Fordwarding port
This problem is with the DWR-923

At that moment, I have the DWR-923
D-link DI-524 is connected in the bridge
And the problem of PING TIME OUT every few minutes.

when but setting a permanent IP in DI-524
can't connect to DWR-923

I have a Zyxel USG-20
and Zyxel zyxel mgs3712f
both are without wi fi.

I do not know what to do.
I'm sorry that
Maybe someone will help me?


Sv: i'm so sorry, but?

I answered your PM! Look in your inbox.
Regards, Micke.

>>  _____PC (Win 10 Pro)  <=>  *D-Link DWR-923  <=> o/e <~>  Laptop (Win 10 Home)____ <<
*DWR-923 Telenor 4G LTE<=>[Panorama-MiMo•**Slingbox•***UMR]<~>[4 TP-Link Extender<~>2"Foscams"]
**Slingbox-Solo<=>[Denver dvb-tmpeg-4 hd tuner•Auto Switch<=>4 CMOS-Cams•1 CMOS-Cam]
***Dovado-UMR<=>TellStick<~>[1 NEXA: Slingbox, AC on/off • 5 NEXAs: 5 CMOS-Cams, AC on/off]


Sv: i'm so sorry, but?

Visit the official DLINK support website or contact DLINK customer support for assistance. They may provide documentation, firmware updates, or troubleshooting guides for your specific router model. Apart from the bredband.se forum, consider checking other online forums or communities that specialize in networking and DLINK products. Websites like Reddit or specialized tech forums might have users who can help.