Tråd: GSA förutspår 350+ kommersiella LTE nätverk i slutet på 2014

Kopierat från mail från GSA:

"We are pleased to inform you that an updated Evolution to LTE report is now available. Sign in to gsa.com and download the report via the link (GSA Evolution to LTE report: 318 commercially launched LTE networks in 111 countries)

Press release http://www.gsacom.com/news/gsa_410.php

Key points:

The report covers FDD and TDD modes of LTE. 577 operators are currently investing in LTE in 166 countries. This figure is made up of 526 firm operator commitments to build LTE networks in 155 countries, plus 51 additional operators engaged in various trials, studies, etc. in a further 11 countries. From amongst the 526 committed operators, 318 LTE operators have commercially launched service (up to July 17, 2014) in 111 countries. The total includes 39 operators who have deployed the LTE TDD mode (TD-LTE) in their networks.

The frequency bands which are most used by operators in network deployments are:

Band 3 (18 00 MHz) used in over 45% of LTE networks
Band 7 (2600 MHz) used in over 26% of LTE networks
Band 20 (800 MHz) used in over 17% of LTE networks

51 LTE networks have commercially launched so far in 2014

39 operators i.e. 1 in 8 LTE operators have deployed LTE TDD (TD-LTE) in 26 countries

GSA forecasts there will be 350+ commercially launched LTE networks by end 2014

66 operators in 35 countries are investing in VoLTE studies, trials or deployments, including 10 operators that have commercially launched

150 Mbps LTE networks are commercially launched in at least 36 countries

69 operators, i.e. over 21%, are deploying LTE-Advanced. 16 operators launched carrier aggregation, including 4 operators supporting 300 Mbps Category 6

6 operators have commercially launched LTE using APT700 FDD spectrum band 28

More operators are investigating and trialling the potential of LTE Broadcast

GSA estimates the global total of LTE subscriptions is rapidly approaching 300 million"


LTE tuffar på som tåget globalt nu verkar det som, ännu har dock inte LTE kommit igång riktigt i stora delar av Asien (läs Kina och Indien). Billigare 4g mobiler är också ett måste för att få fler abonnenter i många regioner i t.ex. sydamerika, afrika och asien.