Tråd: DOVADO Firmware 7.2, med massa nya nyheter!

Release Date: 2014-04-07
Release notes 7.2.0

Fixes & Enhancements:
Specifically for PRO model:
- USB Modem Redundancy; allowing fail-over between two USB Modems/Mobile Hotspots (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzKbEbXYA_E)
- Full SMS capabilities via both inserted USB Modems
- Added NAS support for storage drives larger than 3TB (GPT)

For GO/TINY/DOMA/PRO models:
- PPPoE Authentication on Ethernet WAN port
- Connection Tracker now works when using the embedded PPTP-based VPN client
- Mark multiple SMS for deletion
- Custom "From" field can now be configured in SMS
- Incoming SMS's can now be forwarded to an e-mail address and/or different mobile number
- Hostnames are now displayed in the DHCP table
- Possibility to disable PIN code on SIM card
- LAN Subnet Mask can be resized
- TRAFFIC page has been updated to support multiple SIM cards
- Huawei E3276 now working with SD card inserted

New USB Modems:
Mobile Hotspot devices (via USB connector):
- ZTE MF65 Telstra

4G USB Modems:
- Vodafone K5008-Z
- Orange Huawei E3276
- Vodafone K4606

New GPS:
- NAVILOCK GPS dongle model NL-602U
- NAVILOCK USB GPS dongle model NL-464US