Tråd: Fiber till 5G bör bära 400 GB.

Klippt från FS.com som bl a tillverkar SFP tranceivers för fibernät.

5G Accelerates 400G Ethernet:
Btw, I would like to share with you some info about 5G, For example, a 4G radio system can support up to only 2,000 active devices in a square kilometer, while 5G could support up to 100,000 active devices in the same range.
With 400G technology offering more bandwidth, more devices and applications could be supported in 5G. Nowadays, 5G has begun wide deployment in 2019.

LTE testare på 4G 2600, 1800, 900, 800 med Fritzbox AVM 6890, AVM6840, AVM6842, AVM 6820 och AVM 7590/7490/7390 samt diverse mifis från ZTE och Netgear. Några huaweimodem på hyllan.