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Tråd: WinPatrol PLUS lifetime license for 2 USD !

Hej !

WinPatrol PLUS lifetime license for 2 USD !

"Friday, March 07, 2014

March Madness for Windows XP.
About once a year I have a special sale that most people think is crazy and I swear I’ll never do it again.
This month I have a good reason to try to have more people protected by WinPatrol.
For long weekend I’m making a one system lifetime upgrade license to WinPatrol PLUS available for $2.00.
Our full family pack lifetime license normally $49.95 can also be purchased for $10.00.
Sale ends Monday night at midnight EST.

http://billpstudios.blogspot.se/2014/03 … ws-xp.html

"WinPatrol works and plays well with others.
WinPatrol runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, & supports all Windows 64 bit features without conflicts with other programs.
The addition of WinPatrol provides a layered security approach required when even legitimate programs allow unwanted toolbars to be installed.
When you download from WinPatrol.com you get a secure, certificate signed application  and nothing unexpected.
WinPatrol was the first program to use a behavioral approach to detect new changes due to infiltrations and Zero-Day attacks.
WinPatrol continues to add unique features and remains the smallest, fastest system monitor of its kind.
Install WinPatrol anytime you rebuild or purchase a new computer.
A snapshot of critical system locations and resources is recorded so if anything changes you'll know what changed and when!

Missa inte detta kanonerbjudande !
WinPatrol är ett riktigt bra program som verkligen förbättar datorsäkerheten.

OBS ! "Monday night at midnight EST"

Notera tidsskillnaden: EST = UTC-5, vilket normalt innebär 6 timmar efter Sverige, men eftersom USA inför sommartid (EDT) på söndag så blir tidsskillnaden gentemot Sverige därför 5 timmar.
Detta erbjudandet gäller följaktligen t.o.m. tisdag 05.00 (SNT)

Edit: rättat sista raden, erbjudandet gäller t.o.m tisdag...