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Tråd: i'm so sorry, but?

At the outset, I apologize for creating a post in this section. But I really need help with my DLINK DWR-923.

My posts are at this link:

I am so sorry but I have no choice.
It's hard to find information about the DWR-923.
Your forum has 95% of the information.
There is a person in this forum called "Micke"
Provided software for the router and the SIM card modem.

Unfortunately "Micke" has Last post: 2018-08-12 16:32:38

I sent PW, but I dont think he will read it.
I tried to write a email to him.
Unfortunately, the forum sends this information:

Sorry! The page could not be loaded.
Unable to send e-mail.
Please contact the forum administrator with the following
error message reported by the SMTP server: "535 5.7.8
Error: authentication failed: authentication failure"

Does anyone have software:
All the sources are dead.

Does anyone have higher firmware for DWR-923
than SW Version: for HW Version: A1

Has anyone managed to add / unlock features / bands?
For Qalcom OL1920 chip MDM9200 NOVATEL?

The original D-Link DWR 923 software sucks.
Has someone managed to improve something on this D-Link?

I saw that there is a higher version

Sorry, but All the sources are dead.

Would anyone be able to help me.
Send files?

I use this router outside of Norway and Sweden
One thing that creates a problem.
PING TIME OUT every few minutes.

I don't know if it's a missing Fordwarding port.
I can't set that Fordwarding port
This problem is with the DWR-923

At that moment, I have the DWR-923
D-link DI-524 is connected in the bridge
And the problem of PING TIME OUT every few minutes.

when but setting a permanent IP in DI-524
can't connect to DWR-923

I have a Zyxel USG-20
and Zyxel zyxel mgs3712f
both are without wi fi.

I do not know what to do.
I'm sorry that
Maybe someone will help me?


Sv: i'm so sorry, but?

I answered your PM! Look in your inbox.
Regards, Micke.

>>  _____PC (Win 10 Pro)  <=>  *D-Link DWR-923  <=> o/e <~>  Laptop (Win 10 Home)____ <<
*DWR-923 Telenor 4G LTE<=>[Panorama-MiMo•**Slingbox•***UMR]<~>[4 TP-Link Extender<~>2"Foscams"]
**Slingbox-Solo<=>[Denver dvb-tmpeg-4 hd tuner•Auto Switch<=>4 CMOS-Cams•1 CMOS-Cam]
***Dovado-UMR<=>TellStick<~>[1 NEXA: Slingbox, AC on/off • 5 NEXAs: 5 CMOS-Cams, AC on/off]