Tråd: Alcatel makes the world's dumbest 4G hotspots -Y800 and Y850

I see these devices marketed in Africa. No signal information whatsoever more than bars showing RSSI. No antenna connectors. At least the Y800 has a sleek design whereas the Y850 is just square. And those are the only hotspots marketed by ISPs in new LTE markets such as Rwanda. 4G customers deserve better.

http://ukblog.im-mobility.com/configuri … s-hotspot.

I just helped a lawyer secure his wifi and set up an admin password instead of "admin" on a  Y800 plus that we enabled AP isolation.

Dumb gadgets get dumb reviews

http://www.gadgetheaven.co.uk/can-use-a … broadband/

The man things missing from the Alcatel routers are the possibility ti set a specific lte-band, 5GHz wifi, 802.11n wifi and showing the most important signal parameters SNR ( SINR) and cell id PCI.

Go for ZTE or Netgear hotspots instead.

LTE testare på 4G 2600, 1800, 900, 800 med Fritzbox AVM 6890, AVM6840, AVM6842, AVM 6820 och AVM 7590/7490/7390 samt diverse mifis från ZTE och Netgear. Några huaweimodem på hyllan.