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Hej all,

Sorry for writing English but I hope you can help me. I got the DWR-923 router from Telenor and try to use USB storage feature. When I connect the USB stick or hard drive to the router it becomes listed under Advanced/USB/USB-storage there but I cannot find it on my computer. I downloaded the Shareport Plus utility from dlink but it does not find the device server. Firewalls are all off. The firmware in the router is

Do you have any suggestions how to make it work?


Sv: USB storage - DWR-923

I wonder the same

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Sv: USB storage - DWR-923


                    ---> ej aktiv = not active <---

In the newest manual it´s named "Optional external device connections"...
http://dwr-923.nossnahoj.se/DWR923%28D- … 282%29.pdf

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Sv: USB storage - DWR-923

Tack for the answer.

So they (Telenor) deliberately removed that feature for no apparant reason. Does somebody know whether this has been deactivated in the newer firmwares or has these never been working?


Sv: USB storage - DWR-923

Its aktivatet i only puted a usb stick
and it vas there i dlink menu but didt found it inthe network

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