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Tråd: I want to buy LTE Dongle

Who can send me an LTE modem from Sweden to Russia for 2.6GHz Frequency?
How much will it cost?


Sv: I want to buy LTE Dongle

The alternative for you would be this one http://www.dustinhome.se/huawei-e398-4g … 5010598939
That's 595 + approx 100 for shipping.
However I have strong doubts that anyone would ship it to you without payment in advance.


Sv: I want to buy LTE Dongle

Do you know which specific LTE frequency group you need support for? Is it FDD or TDD? In Sweden, the current modems support band 7 (FDD) in regards to 2.6GHz. We also have LTE operating on 800/900 and soon 1800MHz.


4 Senaste redigerad av 4G_Russia (2011-10-23 08:03:50)

Sv: I want to buy LTE Dongle

In Russia OJSC "MegaFon" and Scartel Ltd. builds FDD LTE networks. Frequency 2.6GHz.
P.S: Providers are planning to build 800MHz network in sparsely populated areas. Good radioplanning... In city they will use 2.6GHz but in sparsely populated areas 800MHz

5 Senaste redigerad av Sam (2011-10-18 19:14:05)

Sv: I want to buy LTE Dongle

Well, as it is right now, the following Swedish modems support the specific LTE frequency bands:

- Huawei E398:    B7/B8
- ZTE MF820D:     B3/B7/B20

Here's a table for your reference. http://www.radio-electronics.com/info/c … ectrum.php

The B3 (1710-1780 & 1805-1875 MHz FDD band) was auctioned off last week to two winning bidders (divided by 3 operators).

TDD is not operational in Sweden just yet, but it has been allocated to one operator in the B38 group.

I haven't seen any specific frequency bands mentioned anywhere in regards to Russia, but I'm hopeful that your country will also go for a similar set of frequencies (at least B7).